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Drama Group


Producer: Canon Sean Killeen

Stage Production: Seamus O'Connor

Lighting: Mairtín O'Flathartha

Make Up/Props: Mauretti Bn Uí Flathartha

The Drama Group was formed in the mid '70 and has approximately 20 members at present.  Fr. Kevin Loftus was Producer for a number of years, then Seamus O'Connor took over the role for two years and now Canon Sean Killeen.

They stage a drama production almost every year.  Some of those were:


'The Black Stranger'

'Wanted - One Body'

'I do not like thee Dr. Fell'

'June and the Peacock'

'Shadow and Substance'

'Philadelphia Here I Come'

'The Righteous are Bold'

'Flat Spin'

Many Young Men of Twenty'


'The Year of the Hiker'

'Playboy of the Western World'

'Charlie's Aunt'

'The Black Stranger' (again in 2003)