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History of Ballycastle:

From Staffords Survey, we know that the town was founded in 1797 on the property of John Knox esq. of Castlereagh.


The old parishes of Kilbride and Doonfeeney:

The modern day parish of Ballycastle is made up of the older parishes of Doonfeeney and Kilbride which were separate parishes up to penal times.


Dún Briste/Downpatrick Head

The sea stack known as 'Dún Briste' was part of the mainland until 1393 when heavy seas severed it from the mainland and the people were taken from it by means of ships ropes.


Céide Fields:

8km West of Ballycastle, the Céide Fields are the most extensive Stone Age settlement dating back 5,000 years.


Townland Names:

Townland Names & their meanings


The Shambles:

Erected as a Co-op and later used as a British Garrison.


Standing Stone:

In Doonfeeney Cemetery, this standing Stone is 22ft tall.


Priests 1893 to date:

Priests in Ballycastle since 1893



The old and present Catholic Churches, St. John's Church, Presbyterian church.


Dr. John Crowley:

He was a Doctor in Ballycastle and in 1917 was the first Sinn Féin TD elected West of the Shannon.