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Standing Stone
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The Ogham or Standing Stone in Doonfeeney graveyard, dating from the 5th century, is the second highest in Ireland. It is 22ft high and 9ins thick. It is fixed to the ground and inclines to the East.

In the 6th or 7th century this stone was 'christianised' by carving two crosses, one of which is a maltese cross, on the face of the stone. This distinctive design is known locally as the Doonfeeney Cross. At the foot of the cross, the wheel and sun-burst symbolise the Resurrection. The ogham inscription is now indecipherable. Ogham (called after Ogmios, the Celtic God of writing) was the Irish alphabet used on monuments from 300A.D. to 700A.D.

Folklore has it that this stone is on alignments with clefts in neighbouring hills and solar positions.