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14th July '10

                                                      An AED Defibrillator is located in Ballycastle Community Hall

                                                      In the event of a person collapsing and becoming unresponsive:

                                                      1. Call 999 (landline) or 112 (mobile)

                                                      2. Call local Defibrillator Responder on

                                                         A) 086-257-6771 or B) 086-257-6772

                                                      3. Start CPR immediately while awaiting responder and emergency                                                            services.

G.A.A. Tribute

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International Cycle Race

Stage 3 of the Irish International Cycle Race finished in Ballycastle Town on Thursday last. 

Winners were:  (Left to Right in photo in Photo Gallery)

Stage Winner: Robert Ikman,

Points Jersey : Joe Kelly, Isle of Man

First Year Junior: George Moore, West Midlands UK

Yellow Jersey : Stuart Wight, Canada

Mountain Jersey : L. Brooking, South Africa

Art Exhibition

Ballycastle Women's Art Group Annual Art Exhibition ‘Beyond Horizons' will take place on Saturday 31st July in the Resource Centre, Ballycastle. Official opening, with cheese and wine, at 8.30p.m. by Tony D'Arcy. All welcome. Exhibition will open on Sunday 1st and Monday 2nd August from 12.00noon – 4.00p.m. and will remain open Monday – Friday from 10.00a.m. – 5.00p.m. Tel: 096-43946.

Artists taking part this year with all new works are: Mauretti Uí Flatharta, Sue Upton, Mary Delaney, Margaret Kelly, Ellen Stagg, Rita Langan, Hazel Kneafsey, Cath Doores, Florrie McBrien, Margaret Herbert.



No's drawn on Saturday 10th July were: 1. 16. 18. 27. No Jackpot winner. Next Saturday's Jackpot €2,700. Draw will be held in McNamees.

Five envelopes drawn:

Raymond Langan, Ballyknock

Bridie Maughan, Castletown

Michael Moran, Annaghbeg

David McDonnell, Behy

Michael & Bridie Tomas, Ballyglass



Sympathy is extended to the family, relatives and friends of Michael Caulfield, late of Belderrig, who died recently in Dublin .


Sympathy is also extended to the family, relatives and friends of Michael Curley, Carrowtighe who died this week (brother of Teresa Langan, Carrowcur) .


May they rest in peace.


Outdoor Masses

Sunday 18th July: Kilbride Cemetery at 6.00p.m.

Sunday 25th July: Downpatrick Head at 12.00noon

Sunday 1st August: Ballycastle Cemetery at 6.00p.m.

Sunday 8th August: Belderrig Cemetery at 6.00p.m.

Sunday 22nd August: Doonfeeney Cemetery at 6.00p.m.


Water Safety

Next Water Safety Classes will commence on 19 th July 2010 at Lacken Pier. Contact Anne Healy at 096-43180.


Ballycastle Golf Society

Next Outing Saturday July 31st in Enniscrone. Anyone interested please contact Eddie Keigher 086-3618595 or Vincent Tomas 087-7719359.


Céide Fields

Defibrillator is now available at the Céide Fields Centre. Phone 096-43325 between 10.00a.m. – 6.00p.m.


List of County Players

The club wishes to compile a list of all Ballycastle players to have worn the red and green of the County team at any level. Anybody that knows of names for this list should contact the club with the names at:

G.A.A. Club Membership

Any new members should email the club at: to obtain a membership form which, when completed, can be posted to Declan Caulfield, Belderrig.
Family membership €40; Adult €25; Youth €10; OAP €10; Student €10.


G.A.A. Website

Baile an Chaisil GAA website is up and running and can be viewed at .

Any information or photos would be very much appreciated. All photos and clippings will be returned. Contact Declan Caulfield (087 2515292) or email: or Mairtin Flannery (086 3225128), email: .  


Community Hall

Monday: Bingo at 9.00p.m.

Tuesday: Indoor Soccer: U-18: 7.00p.m.-8.00p.m.; adults 8.00p.m. – 9.00p.m.

Wednesday: Basketball (Sec. Sch. Students 8.00 – 9.00p.m. , Adults 9.00 – 10.00p.m. )

Thursday: Basketball (Juniors)

Anyone wishing to book the Hall for meetings or activities, contact Breda McNulty at 086-0644114.


Church Notices

Mass Times:

Weekdays at 10.00a.m.

Saturday Vigil: 8.15p.m.

Sunday: 11.30a.m.


Masses this week:

Monday: Pat & Kathleen Tighe (Portnahalla)

Tuesday: Jimmy Langan, Kilbride (Anniversary)

Wednesday: Frank Langan (Anniversary)

Thursday 2.00p.m. : St. Patrick's College Lacken Cross Graduation Mass

Friday 8.00p.m. : Paddy & Lizzie Langan

Saturday 8.15p.m. : Kevin & Kathleen Earley

Sunday 11.30a.m. : John, Ann & Michael Pryal (Ballyknock and Leeds )


Eucharist Ministers:

Saturday Vigil: Breege Gardiner

Sunday: Seamus O'Connor



Saturday Vigil: Caroline Nealon

Sunday: Elizabeth O'Donnell



Saturday Vigil: Tony O'Donnell, Áine O'Donnell

Sunday: David McDonnell, Ciarán McDonnell



7.00p.m. : Breege Doherty, Peggy Burke

7.30p.m. : Bridie Hunt, Caroline Stadler

8.00p.m. : Breege Meyler, Margaret McLean

8.30p.m. : Kathleen Donnelly, Mary O'Connor